We can all remember a time when we have thought to ourselves ” I just want to Feel better. Maybe your clothes felt a little tighter, maybe you were experiencing some late night indigestion or heartburn. You walked up a flight of stairs at work and realized you felt winded and out of breath.

And you found yourself here, thinking to yourself I want to feel better. It’s time I make a change.

The way you start to change the big things is you start to change the small things.

Make Your Bed In The Morning.

Making this commitment to yourself EVERY single day will lead to bigger changes. It sets the tone for your day, your establishing a foundation for your life and you are creating routine. It is so important to stick to a routine; routine is the building of foundation because you are building consistency and the key to making changes in your life is to change your daily habits. So start today, do it every morning and build the habit of consistency. Consistency is the backbone to all change.  

Drink More Water

Every process in our body starts with water. It is critical to every process in our body- similar to the oil in a car. When you are low on Oil, things move slower and rigid like your vehicle in -50 weather. You experience things like brain fog, low energy and increased blood pressure. Start with increasing your water today, every time you get up from your desk fill your water bottle. Find a water bottle you enjoy drinking from and shoot for half your body weight in ounces for your daily intake.

Get Some Seep

Sleep is extremely important in feeling better. Getting high quality of sleep is imperative for body repair, clarity in thinking and problem solving as well as contributing to energy levels the following day.When we have lack of sleep it pulls from our sleep account, consistent nights of sleep withdrawal and the account ends up in a (–) balance. Contributing to the inability to handle stress, lack of concentration and can contribute to poor decision making impacting our health poorly. Have you ever had a day that you are experiencing ALL the cravings? Check your sleep the night before. Chances are it was probably not that great.

Create a cool, relaxing bedroom space and aim for 7 hours of sleep each night.

Start with Consistent Small Changes

These aspects are the foundation we begin with during our On ramp with Clients.  you can find yourself building the habits and routines for change in your life that will contribute to increased health and well being. Adding in activity to your frame work and you will be feeling much better than when you did on day 1.

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