Black Bar Fitness is a professional fitness coaching business. We deliver fitness and nutrition coaching in 1:1, semiprivate and group sessions.

Some of our team has been with BBF for close to a decade. This is where you can make fitness your career!

We’re seeking one Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach to deliver friendly, expert coaching to our incredible clients.

The job will start part-time but expect to ramp up toward full-time quickly – we currently have a waiting list.


Create workout programs to help clients achieve their goals, under the tutelage of our Head Coach;

Deliver workout programs in a 1:1, semiprivate setting (up to 4 clients); and group setting (up to 15 clients)

Direct clients to specific assignments outside the gym;

Maintain open lines of communication with clients and staff between sessions.

Measure client progress and update their programs as required.

Attend monthly coach development meetings to improve your skills with veteran coaches.


Your personality is your greatest qualification, but your education is a close second.

We often attract good Trainers who want to build a real career in fitness coaching.

Please list your certifications, experience and client results in your application.

Email your application to:

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