Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can make it easy on yourself and still eat foods that are delicious and nutritious. Here are three simple strategies for eating healthy without having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.


Shopping for produce in season is not only economical, but it also makes meal planning much easier since you can easily find recipes based on the ingredients you already have in your refrigerator or pantry. For example, if spinach is in season, you can quickly search online for delicious spinach recipes that include other ingredients you already have at home such as eggs, onions, garlic, etc. Additionally, seasonal produce is generally more nutrient-dense than produce that has been shipped from far away and stored for extended periods of time.


Pre-chopped vegetables are a great time saver when it comes to preparing meals quickly and healthfully. Look for pre-chopped vegetables in your local grocery store’s refrigerated section or even frozen aisle to save time on meal prep and still get the nutrients your body needs.


Meal planning ahead of time will help avoid last minute trips to the grocery store or fast food restaurant when hunger strikes and there’s nothing prepared in your kitchen. Set aside an hour each week to plan out your meals for the upcoming week so that all you need to do is shop for those items once per week and put together a quick meal when dinnertime arrives. We have written many blog posts on how to make meal prepping easier, and we talk about this all the time in our public, free facebook group!Aside from our two great resources, there are plenty of free resources available online where you can find ideas for easy dinners that include balanced nutrition as well as delicious flavour combinations.

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated or take up a lot of your valuable time! By following these simple strategies, you can enjoy delicious meals without sacrificing nutrition or spending hours in the kitchen every day. Making small changes like shopping for seasonal produce, buying pre-chopped vegetables, and meal planning ahead of time will help simplify healthy eating so that you can enjoy more quality time with family and friends instead of worrying about what’s for dinner!

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